What Causes a Motor to Overheat?

One of the reasons a car’s motor overheats is because the radiator clogs. Dead bugs can plug up a radiator. Sediments and rust can build up inside the radiator also. Another cause of overheating is a broken or slow-moving cooling fan.

There are many components to a vehicle’s cooling system, and all of them need to work at optimum conditions in order to keep the engine from becoming hot. Sometimes the engine is not overheating, but the temperature gauge is misreading.

Signs of overheating are pinging or knocking sounds coming from the motor. Ask your dealer what you should do if you see the warning light come on, or the temperature gauge reads hot.

Of course, preventing any overheating is the safest thing you can do. Have your car inspected on a regular basis. Call our service center here at Island Honda located in Kahului, HI to schedule an inspection today.

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