Schedule Your Vehicle Engine Cooling & Radiator Maintenance

The cooling system in your vehicle has a number of parts that all need to be operating together in order for the engine parts to stay at a certain temperature. These are a few of those parts that will be inspected during the cooling system check-up.

  • The radiator and fan work together to move the engine coolant so it stays at just the right temperature. If the radiator cap is failing or the cooling fins are blocked, the coolant will get too hot.
  • The thermostat has to be able to regulate internal temperatures. If this small part fails, then the engine will overheat and parts can be damaged.
  • The water pump is moved by a belt, and if the belt or the internal bearings fail, the coolant cannot be moved throughout the cooling system.

Call our service center here at Island Honda today so we can schedule your vehicle for a full cooling system maintenance inspection.

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