Back-To-School Carpooling Tips: Stay Safe and Organized!

Keeping kids safe is a big priority for us at Island Honda, this is why we have some tips for you to start your carpool off well organized and safe for parents and children. As you start your carpool, having a place where all parents can access up to date information is important.

Creating a group online is a great way to attach calendars, rules, updated emergency contacts and contact information. You can also leave comments and notes for other parents in an online group.

Have a calendar with vehicle descriptions and an emergency contact list printed for each parent. Children should be updated daily on who will pick them up after school.

If most of the children are younger, talk to the parents about purchasing them booster seats that are compact and light for them to carry in the mornings. They can be left in the car if the same person picks them up after school.

If you have questions about carpooling, come into our dealership in Kahului, HI and our sales associates will be glad to answer them while you test drive a new family-friendly vehicle!

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