Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

Your vehicle isn’t much use to you unless you can see where you’re going. Windshield wiper blades help provide you with that ability by keeping the windshield glass free of rain water, snow, ice, and dirt. With the constant clearing away of the elements, the rubber on the wipers begins to crack and lose effectiveness. They need to be replaced periodically.

If you notice the blades skipping or streaking as the go across the glass, or you can hear them squeaking, you should inspect them. If the rubber has worn too far, the metal wiper can scratch the windshield. If one blade shows definite signs of wear, its’s best to replace the pair of them. The other one is sure to follow. Adding new windshield wiper blades is an economical way to preserve the windshield glass.

Check your owner’s manual for size and type of blade your vehicle requires. You can also measure the blade itself. If you need assistance with replacing your wiper blades, don’t hesitate to stop by our service center at Island Honda in Kahului.

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