When Should I Replace My Fuel Lines?

If for no other reason than accessibility, fuel lines often run along an exposed path from the fuel tank to the engine. Such fuel lines consist of metal and are pre-bent and flared before installation. The fuel is not the culprit that makes one of these lines spring a leak. The principal reason for leakage in this area is impact. Accidents, whether involving another vehicle or chunks of debris on the road, are the major cause of leakage. A close second involves those vehicles exposed to road de-icing chemicals in States where ice and snow is an issue.

Always have your fuel lines checked after an accident. If you live in a State where snow and ice are controlled using corrosive chemicals, have your lines checked at least every year for corrosion.

Bring your vehicle to our service center here at Island Honda in Kahului, HI for inspection of your fuel line.

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