Tailgating Like A Pro: Tips for A Stress-Free Event!

Many people think taking a truck tailgating is one of the great benefits to owning a pickup. We at Island Honda tend to agree and have some tips to make your tailgating event memorable.

Using a toolbox for your tailgating essentials makes it easy to keep everything organized and prepared for your next event. A large toolbox with drawers can keep cooking utensils, spices, gear of weather, labels, trash bags, and silverware handy.

Pack your cooler with drinks on the bottom, watertight containers next, and then bagged items on top of the ice. Your food should be chilled prior to being placed in the cooler, so it stays cold longer

If you have guests, labels are a great way for them to know where to grab drinks, condiments, snacks, and paper products. You can also tie balloons to your truck, so they can easily see where you are!

Come by our dealership in Kahului, HI to get your truck serviced before tailgating and get more tips!

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