Floor mats are accessories that keep your car clean and stylish. At Island Honda in Kahului, HI we enjoy helping our customers choose the right accessories for their lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle or enjoy touring in a luxury car, there is a car mat that is well suited for you.

If you have a luxury car or SUV, you may want to keep the carpet car mats that come with your vehicle. You may also want custom mats that reflect your specific style. Carpet car mats match interiors well and are visually appealing.

All-weather car mats are good for people who love to have adventures in the outdoors. They are easy to take out and clean at a car wash. They also hold water, sand, and mud better than carpet mats. If there is a spill in your vehicle, all-weather mats can hold in the liquid better because they tend to have deep grooves for messes.

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