If you smoke in your vehicle, then you might notice that there is a yellow or white film over the interior as well as the lingering smell of tobacco. When detailing your car, you can spray air freshener into the vents, turning the air on high so that the smell circulates through the car. Wipe the surfaces with tire cleaner to remove the film from the smoke.

When you're cleaning the windows, don't forget about the top edges. Before you begin cleaning the main surface, lower the windows to clean the edge of them before raising them back in place. Island Honda in Kahului, HI can examine your windows to ensure that they are properly on the track and that they raise and lower as they should.

An area that you might not think about cleaning when you're detailing your car would be the hinges. Apply a small amount of oil to the hinges so that they continue to move properly and so that rust doesn't build as easily.

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