How to Get Rid of Pet Hair in Your Car

Like many pet owners, you probably take your dog everywhere you go. If so, then pet hair could be just as much of a problem in your vehicle as it is in your home. Cleaning this up is a vital part of preserving the resale value, overall usability, and marketability of your car. It can also be essential for passengers who suffer from allergies. At Island Honda, we want Kahului, HI drivers to have the top strategies for preserving their automotive investments. That's why we're offering two ways to quickly get rid of pet hair on auto floors, seats, and other interior surfaces.

Take Advantage of Static Electricity

Rather than vacuuming pet hair up and dealing with the frustration of missing countless stubborn, trapped strands, consider donning a rubber glove. Lightly spray the affected area with water, and then use your gloved hand to sweep the offending hairs up. The static electricity generated by your movements will cause the hairs to collect right at your fingertips.

You can finish the job with a portable vacuum cleaner and a brush-style attachment once the treated area has dried. Brush attachments are perfect for removing stray hairs from seat crevices and other challenging areas. For a thorough car cleaning and help with other aspects of general detailing and maintenance, come see us at Island Honda today.

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