Deterring Rodents

Over the course of history, rodents have been responsible for tremendous damage. At your home in Kahului, HI, they can cause havoc as well. When they chew up your wiring, significant problems may arise. That's why we at Island Honda want you to be able to keep them at bay.

Eliminating a food source may be the most important thing of all. If rodents are a potential concern, it's not a good idea to keep open containers of food in the car. Even wrapped items can be a target.

In addition, you can physically keep them out of your vehicle by blocking access points with mesh. Wire mesh is strong and versatile, and it allows for proper air flow in your ventilation and intake systems. You can also wrap your wiring and hoses with a special, rodent-deterrent tape that's been lined with capsaicin. This spicy substance will make an impression with rodents, hopefully keeping them from returning.

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