Beware of Unsafe Tires

Drivers experience shock when a tire blows out unexpectedly. Should there be any surprise the tire failed? Often, car owners aren't aware of the signs of tire wear. So, they don't change them even when the tires aren't safe. Knowing the symptoms of a "bad" tire is critical to avoid accidents and mishaps.

Treadwear and cracking represent two visible signs a tire is in bad shape. As the treads wear down from use, more of the tire comes into contact with the road. At a certain point, treads become so low the tires aren't any good. A decent "penny test" on tread depth reveals whether it is time to change the tires.

Side cracks and dry rot occur as the tire ages or experiences weather damage. Cracks expand when driving, which means a tire can explode on the road. Even hitting a bump could blow out the tire.

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