What You Should Know About Your Car's Gaskets

Here at Island Honda our valued Kahului, HI consumers are always provided with information that helps them take good care of their vehicles. Your vehicle has hundreds of gaskets that seal two or more surfaces together. This will prevent fluids and gases from escaping and mixing. There are many types of gaskets, which include head gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, and bearing gaskets.

It is important that you have your gaskets changed when they begin to show signs of wear. If you keep a damaged or deteriorating gasket in your vehicle, it could cause damage that is expensive to repair.

One of the most common signs of gasket failure is a white substance that surfaces in or around your oil. If you notice a substance that looks like mayonnaise on your oil stick, then you should have your gaskets inspected. Another warning sign of a failing gasket is bubbling, gurgling, or foaming that comes from under the radiator.

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