Over the many years you'll spend behind the wheel of your car there will be moments where you wish you had it. What's it? It is that thing you need, and more often than not, it's needed at times when you don't have it. A bandage or ointment to treat a scrape, a spare shirt to swap with the one you've just spilled coffee on; all of these can fit into the underfloor storage of the Honda Passport.

The Underfloor Storage comes standard and allows for more than just keeping your spare tire tucked into a compartment under the floor. There are added spaces where you can keep tools, emergency kits, or other daily essentials. You'll find it difficult to be unprepared driving through Kahului, HI with the Honda's Underfloor Storage.

At Island Honda, the team is ready to show you how much space you can get with the Honda Passport.

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