In addition to being scary, tire blowouts can be extremely dangerous. The sudden loss of tire pressure could cause your vehicle to turn unexpectedly, especially if you lose one of your front tires. Therefore, we at Island Honda want you to know some tips to help take care of your tires and avoid tire blowouts.

One common cause of tire blowouts is an over-worn tire. If you put a penny upside-down in your tire's tread and you can see the top of Lincoln's head, then it's time to replace your tires so that they don't burst while you're driving. Additionally, it's essential to monitor the air pressure in your tires on an ongoing basis. If you notice a sudden drop in air pressure in one of your tires, be sure to take your vehicle in for repair right away, as it could indicate that you have a nail or other sharp object in your tire that could cause a blowout.

At our service center, we have tires for all types of vehicles. Stop by today to ensure you stay safe on the road.

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