Keeping cars in good running condition is a key consideration as poor winter weather becomes the norm. In particular, keeping vehicle electrical systems in as good shape as possible can prevent costly and dangerous breakdowns. Plus, keeping vehicle starters and related components in shipshape can give drivers confidence that their motors will start on cold winter nights.

Many starter motors are durable, well-made objects that are built to last. That said, over time any starter motor will begin to fail and exhibit certain characteristics. Drivers who pay attention and respond to any warning signs can prevent disaster before it happens.

One common warning sign of possible starter failure is motor spin. Starter motor spin occurs when drivers turn their wheels or press their starter buttons and the starter motor fails to engage the flywheel. This can happen for various reasons, including normal wear and tear or operator error. Regardless of the cause, drivers who notice motor spin would do well to have their charger motors checked by experts as soon as possible.

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