Back-To-School Carpooling Tips: Stay Safe and Organized!

Keeping kids safe is a big priority for us at Island Honda, this is why we have some tips for you to start your carpool off well organized and safe for parents and children. As you start your carpool, having a place where all parents can access up to date information is important.

Creating a group online is a great way to attach calendars, rules, updated emergency contacts and contact information. 

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Everyone's a Little Safer with a Back-Up Camera

Did you know that back-up cameras now come standard on all vehicles manufactured after May 1, 2018? They do, and that adds a lot of benefit to anyone looking to buy a new vehicle. It's also going to make the world just a little bit safer for pedestrians, as well.

Back-up cameras were designed to help drivers avoid backing into pedestrians, such as young children. 

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Why You Need to Read a Car History Report

The last thing that you want to do is buy a lemon or a car that has had its odometer rolled back. With a used car vehicle history report, you can feel good that you know everything necessary to make an informed car buying decision. The report will tell you the exact mileage of the vehicle and if it has been in an accident.

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Protect Your Car from the Elements: Use a Car Cover!

At Island Honda, we are always ready to help with any questions or concerns you may have about protecting your car against the elements. A car cover is very useful in harsh weather, as it helps keep your cars paint looking newer, even after a storm.

Weather conditions can have a major impact on your car's exterior. Rain, snow, heat and falling debris can all have an effect on the way your car looks. 

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How to Make Test Driving Successful and Enjoyable

We here at Island Honda want to help you make an informed decision when picking out your next car. We want to find you a vehicle that fits your lifestyle and driving needs. Here are some tips to get you ready.

  • Have a general idea about the type of vehicle you are looking for. Do you need a minivan with lots of seating? Are you looking for a pickup to haul a boat or trailer? 
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Take Good Care of Your Car This Spring

While you're busy spring cleaning inside your house, don't forget to give your vehicle some extra tender loving care as well. With summer traveling season just around the corner, you will want your car to be in top condition.

Here are some things you should consider this spring:

  • Get an oil change and a fresh oil filter.
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What is the Differential in My Vehicle?

The differential in your vehicle has to be working effectively to be able to transfer power from the motor and transmission to the car wheels. The differential is between those parts and the drive shaft and has liquid and gears in the housing all working together to keep the car moving.

One issue you may experience is if the differential gasket is leaking, now not enough oil is keeping the gears protected. 

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How Many Parts Make Up a Brake System?

The original brake systems were relatively simple in design and use. When depressing the brake pedal, the driver was pushing forward a set of blocks on the forward wheels to create friction to slow, and eventually stop, the vehicle. Since then, many brake designs have been used. Today, the brake system coordinates with the whole of the vehicle for many purposes.

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Schedule Your Vehicle Engine Cooling & Radiator Maintenance

The cooling system in your vehicle has a number of parts that all need to be operating together in order for the engine parts to stay at a certain temperature. These are a few of those parts that will be inspected during the cooling system check-up.

  • The radiator and fan work together to move the engine coolant so it stays at just the right temperature.
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What Causes a Motor to Overheat?

One of the reasons a car’s motor overheats is because the radiator clogs. Dead bugs can plug up a radiator. Sediments and rust can build up inside the radiator also. Another cause of overheating is a broken or slow-moving cooling fan.

There are many components to a vehicle’s cooling system, and all of them need to work at optimum conditions in order to keep the engine from becoming hot. 

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