If you are in need of recall assistance, please contact us at 808-495-0805 or contact our operations manager Kirt Marquez at KirtMarquez@lithia.com.

Easily Schedule a Service Appointment for Your Vehicle Today

Much like our bodies, our vehicles need to be checked up on regularly. Here at Island Honda, we encourage you to let our fine service technicians take a peek under your hood and make sure your vehicle is healthy and functioning at its best.

If you're in or around the Kahului, Kihei, Wailuku or Lahaina areas and you know your vehicle is due for some routine service or maintenance, then let us cater to your every need. We can easily tackle any of the basic maintenance stuff like oil changes and tire rotations as well as brake repairs, battery repairs and replacements, state inspections and more. You can also count on our talented team of technicians to take on any kind of repair work (big or small) and replace any parts of your vehicle with genuine, certified parts from the original equipment manufacturer.

Our service center strives to deliver unrivaled, high quality service with expert skill that you can always count on no matter what issue arises with your vehicle. We want to work our hardest to maintain your vehicle as best as we possibly can so you can enjoy countless years on the road with it and truly get your money's worth. If you know you're due for a particular service, repair or need a certain part replaced, please call us, schedule online or call us at (866) 982-7921 and we'll get right to work.

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