Before you know it, spring will be here. And, as ever, that means spring cleaning. That extends to your vehicle as well. We are always happy to give out some car tips to keep your vehicle going. Today, that includes spring car cleaning tips.

In the colder months, it's easy to let the outside elements get in the car like dirt and mud, so a good interior vacuuming would help. You should make sure to get into all the surfaces, even the ones under seats and in places you may not think. Another thing to do is brush out carpet floor mats and vacuum them, or if you have rubber ones, wash them out. Additionally, sometimes around this time of year we can forget to go to the car wash, or to wash our cars, and that's a good idea as well. Not only that, a good decluttering and cleaning out of console storage bins, trunk and cargo areas and more will get you ready for spring.

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