Three Quick Steps to Trade-In or Sell Your Vehicle

Step One: Submit Your Vehicle Information

Start by using our Edmunds Value Your Trade tool below before you even come in. Tell us about your vehicle including the condition, make, year, model and any other pertinent information that we should know.

Step Two: Schedule Your Appointment

Once we have your vehicle and contact information one of our trained sales team members will contact you to set up a personal appointment for you to meet with us. Our in person appraisal and review will help you get the most out of your sale.

Step Three: Get a Cash Offer from Appraiser

Get your on the spot offer without going back and forth or waiting for days on an offer that is too low. Our offer will factor in the condition, make, model, year, and current market. You can be assured that our offer is fair, and never has a catch.

Island Honda is Ready to Give Cash for Cars in Kahului

Our goal at Island Honda is to be the number one spot for all your automotive needs, including when it comes time to sell your car. Whether you're tired of fixing that old car in your driveway or want to get rid of your current vehicle, you can easily sell your car to our Honda dealership. We are ready to offer you a fair price for your car, even if you don't plan to trade-in for another car on our lot. There are many advantages to selling your vehicle to us, and our team looks forward to telling you more.

Perks of Selling Your Vehicle to Our Honda Dealership

Selling a car on your own requires a lot of work, including putting out advertisements and meeting with people that may or may not end up buying. Thankfully, Island Honda offers a much simpler and quicker selling process at our dealership. Since we want to buy your car, you won't have to dish out advertisements, and you can get cash in your pocket much sooner. You can trust us to give you an accurate value for your car since we use the trusted Edmunds appraisal tool.

Use the Cash How You Want

When you sell your car to Island Honda, you'll get to take the cash we give you and use it however you please. If you're ready to upgrade to a newer, better car, use your current vehicle as a trade-in and save money on your next loan or lease. Or, instead, you can pocket the money and be on your way, using the extra income for other expenses or a much-needed vacation. Either way, our team wants to buy your car, truck, or SUV today.

Learn More at Island Honda

For more details on how easy it is to sell your vehicle to our dealership, contact our friendly team or visit Island Honda today.